GREENMOBILITY will use the sustainability competencies identified in the GreenComp document to prepare training courses to help learners develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote ways to think, plan and act with empathy, responsibility, and care for our planet and for public health. The project will aim to support education and training systems in shaping systemic and critical thinkers who care about our planet’s present and its future. 


The main objective of the GREENMOBILITY project is to promote the lifelong learning dimension of higher education through a program on green mobility, aiming to promote learning on environmental sustainability.

One objective of the project is to help in supporting institutions of the formal educational sector, such as universities in taking a lifelong learning perspective. For example, redesigning curricula offering modular courses that complement full degree programmes related to sustainable mobility.

Moreover, the project will be targeting learners beyond 18–25 years old from all sectors and offering intergenerational elements and ‘lifelong learning’ opportunities.

Other objectives of the GREENMOBILITY project are:

Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote ways to think, plan and act with empathy, responsibility, and care for the environment

The project will be focusing on sustainable mobility as one of the sectors with the highest GHG emissions in the EU and aspires that the people will be adapt the way they commune in their everyday life in a more sustainable option that will have help in mitigating climate change.

Promote responsible action and stimulate willingness to take or demand action at a local, national and global level

Having the understanding and skills people will be more prone to take action on regards to this subject in the aim for change in a local, national or global level. Illustrating best practices and examples of successful actions will inspire them to adopt transfer and replicate such ideas and thus multiply the impact of the project. 

Enable learners to overcome the cognitive dissonance that comes from knowing about an issue but lacking the agency to act

Will be used to share ideas and organize initiatives for example to promote and encourage cycling training in cities to ensure that everyone gets the chance to learn to cycle in a busy city and learn the traffic rules or support carpooling by organizing matchmaking evenings events in neighbors. Moreover, the platform will bring in the same space local and public authorities and could be used as a space for public consultation of projects related to urban mobility where citizens will be able to share their opinion and ideas. 

Disseminate the implementation of the EU Green Deal

It is important for people to understand that this is a step towards a more holistic and integrated approach to address climate and environment-related challenges. The Green Deal is a new growth strategy to make the EU’s economy sustainable and create sustainable industry and transport, without leaving anyone behind. The GREENMOBILITY will support the use of innovative practices to make people the true actors of change in terms of green mobility.

Target Groups

The project GREENMOBILITY is applied in the field of higher education. Conclusively the target groups relate mainly to higher education however aiming for the maximization of the impact of the project and also the greatest continuation, replication, and transfer of the project almost all the activities will be open to any person interested in the specific thematic. A stakeholder mapping to get a visual representation of all the people and organisations who can influence and get affected by the project and how they are connected will take place at the beginning of the project.

Any additional organization that was not initially included in the list below will also be targeted through the project’s activities.

Universities and colleges including students, academic staff, and administration officials.

Environmental organizations and NGOs that work on the areas related to green mobility, fight against climate change and the protection of the environment.

Local and public entities working on areas related to green mobility fight against climate change and the protection of the environment.


Steering Urban Sustainability with a Self-Assessment Toolkit

Steering Urban Sustainability with a Self-Assessment Toolkit

The GREENMOBILITY project is a significant effort given the growing environmental difficulties and the pressing need to cut CO2 emissions. This initiative, which addresses the substantial influence that transportation has on urban ecosystems, is a major force behind...