GREENMOBILITY: The key for understanding sustainable urban mobility: The Learner´s Handbook

Σεπ 25, 2023 | Νέα

GREENMOBILITY project aims to support education and training systems in shaping systemic and critical thinkers who care about our planet’s present and future, and it does it by offering relevant tools and training activities to all learners, irrespectively of their age, their education level, and the educational setting (formal, non-formal, and informal). Through all the different activities the project aspires to enable behavioral changes in terms of how people commune in the urban space.

The development of the Learner´s Handbook, in which partners are currently working, helps in identifying the knowledge and skills required for understanding the concept of sustainable urban mobility and it gathers all the information that will be used in further activities, that will involve the target audience and will aim at increasing their awareness and achieving behavior changes regarding mobility in cities.

More specifically, the Learner´s Handbook will include all the information required to understand firstly how is it mobility in cities nowadays, how mobility choices generate an impact, and how incorporating a concept of sustainable urban mobility can benefit the quality of life in cities and also contribute to the fight against climate change.

The project’s consortium has just concluded the methodology and the design of the Learner´s Handbook, and are still working on its content and materials. After conducting a desk research, partners agreed that the following topics should be absolutely included:

  • The concept of sustainable urban mobility; 
  • Positive attitudes towards sustainable behaviors and changing mindset, related to the four competence areas of GreenComp;
  • Sustainable and smart mobility options and alternatives and more energy-efficient vehicles;
  • Public transport and shared mobility;
  • Mobility within neighborhoods at the local level and healthy benefits. 

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Let’s keep moving sustainably and making our cities greener, one step at a time!


Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) (KTU),  leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and research and closely cooperating with business. 

LAND Impresa sociale s.r.l. (LAND) (Italy), a social enterprise aimed at developing innovative green practices, sustainable agriculture and at implementing national and international projects focused on environmental protection and ecological transition.

SYNTHESIS CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATION LIMITED (SYNTHESIS)  (Cyprus), leading organization in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The International Sustainability Collaborative Ek. För (TISC)  (Sweden), leading partner in designing on-line learning environments as well as participatory and hands-on training and workshops on the topic of behavioral change and sustainable development. University of Thessaly (UTH) (Greece), known for its excellent research performance and outstanding scientific achievements, in accordance with the international standards.