Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

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Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and research and closely cooperating with business. KTU originates from the University of Lithuania founded in Kaunas on 16 February 1922. Since its establishment KTU has played one of the most important roles in the building of the identity of the regional and national academic environment, fostering and preservation of cultural and ethical values, promotion of the development of society and education as well as research and innovation breakthrough.

KTU currently has near 8000 students and near 2000 academic employees enrolled across 9 faculties and 8 research institutes. The University provides studies of engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts. There are 108 study programmes  in total; 51 of them – for the bachelor’s and integrated, 56 – for master’s, 20 – for doctoral studies. KTU offers 48 bachelor’s and master’s study programmes in English.

Innovative fundamental and applied research solutions corresponding to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges are being developed at the University. Leadership, high quality of scientific results and new research discoveries mobilise the academic community, and the latest research achievements and acquired practical experience are transferred to students.  University researchers develop and transfer interdisciplinary knowledge and advanced technologies to domestic and foreign industry, business and the public sector by implementing projects of international and national research programmes and executing contracts for outsourced research and development, and innovation. The University is in cooperation with more than 350 research and academic institutions in 51 countries of the world as well as the representatives of international business enterprises. KTU is the founder of two integrated centres of research, studies and business – “Santaka” and “Nemunas” valleys. KTU National Innovations and Entrepreneurship Centre is responsible for protection and commercialisation of the University’s scientific production.

Sustainable development which promotes responsible, environmentally-friendly behaviour and ecological culture is one of the priorities of KTU activities. The University maintains the attitude that new knowledge and technologies have to serve for the well-being of the people as well as the environment. KTU sustainable development strategy and activities were awarded the European Union’s QUESTE-SI accreditation.

Being the interdisciplinary university, competitive at the international level, developing and transferring new knowledge and innovations, KTU constantly strengthens its positions at the international level. Today, KTU is a member of such influential international organizations and associations as EUA, CESAER, ECIU and 10 more. KTU, being a part of ECIU University, contributes to the development of the idea to create a completely new educational model on a European scale. The ECIU University gathers together learners, teachers, and researchers to cooperate with cities and businesses and solve real-life challenges. In 2021 together with ECIU University KTU started to implement the new project  “ECIU University Research Institute for Smart European Regions (SMART-ER)” funded under Horizon 2020. It is a research, innovation and education strong alliance, enabling all member universities to jointly address complex societal challenges under the framework of the UN SDG11 (Sustainable cities and communities).

SYNTHESIS – Center for Research and Education

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SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organization which designs and implements research and educational projects with social impact. SYNTHESIS is Cyprus’ leader in social innovation and social entrepreneurship; it founded Hub Nicosia, a social innovation hub which houses and supports entrepreneurs and organizations with a social mission. In a world surrounded with conflict and exclusion of many forms, SYNTHESIS aspires to take part in actions that improve individual lives, enhance social inclusion, and contribute to a green and sustainable future, for the people and the planet.

LAND Impresa sociale s.r.l.

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LAND Impresa sociale s.r.l. is a Social Enterprise founded in December 2021, aimed at developing innovative green practices, sustainable agriculture and at implementing national and international projects focused on environmental protection and ecological transition. In particular, it has the aim to carry out promotion, development and innovation in the following areas: – environmental sustainability – social inclusion and territorial cohesion – professional training – agriculture – scientific research – nature based learning – formal and non-formal training – intercultural dialogue It has at its disposal a farm located in the province of Palermo, which will host an agriworking center, with both green and smart working space for staff and wide outdoor space for innovative farming and for educational and cultural activities with community and beneficiaries. Land encourages the green revolution, we are currently living, pursuing the goal of innovation and business in various fields including: rural development, climate change, environmental issues, international cooperation, community resilience, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, renewable energy, ecological transition, social and territorial cohesion, sustainable mobility, sustainable tourism, digitization and Living Lab development.

University of Thessaly

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University of Thessaly, with 37 Departments, and 8 schools is a University with its own identity and with a prominent position in the national educational system. University of Thessaly provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs and extracurricular modules in specific research and business fields, for over 43.000 students. The main mission of the University of Thessaly is the promotion of scientific knowledge through research and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. It is known for its excellent research performance and outstanding scientific achievements, in accordance with the international standards.

The Sustainability Collaborative (TSC)

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The Sustainability Collaborative (TSC) is the Nordic Office of The Natural Step. THE NATURAL STEP (TNS) is a leading partner for organisations ready to address humanities grand challenges to create a better future. Since 1989, TNS have guided thousands of corporations, municipalities, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations on their strategic works toward sustainability. The Natural Step has 12 offices with associates and strategic partners in 54 countries. The Sustainability Collaborative is a leading partner in designing on-line learning environments as well as participatory and hands-on training and workshops on the topic of behavioural change and sustainable development. The typical learners would be adults who feel they are interested in leveraging their impact but want to learn more about the sustainability challenges and how it connects to sustainable lifestyles. The educators and course designers at the Sustainability Collaborative bring a state-of-the-art framework and science-based methodology to the table. Combined with an easy-to apply back-casting method for operationalizing citizen’s everyday choices it provides for a creative, inspirational, and explorative learning environment.