Learners Handbook

This comprehensive manual presents the current state of urban mobility, examining its impact and the potential benefits of adopting sustainable urban mobility practices. Here you can find a description of the effects on the quality of life in urban environments, a repository of essential data and innovative educational content. This includes best practices and other pertinent resources. 

Collaborative Platform

This platform is a hub for sharing ideas and best practices in the realm of sustainable mobility. Its goal is to foster a sense of community, enabling individuals and entities to engage in and promote sustainable mobility initiatives within their localities. It is space for grassroots movements and a platform for citizens and local and public authorities to share concepts and receive feedback of urban mobility initiatives.

Report for the Sustainable Mobility Self-assessment tool

A report that gathers together all the information and data collected by Greenmobility partners to develop an updated tool that incorporates best practices and current needs, increasing the impact of the tool itself.

Self-assessment Tool

A tool that is designed to enhance individuals’ comprehension of sustainable urban mobility and aims to inspire a greener approach to urban transit, subsequently improving the quality of life and bolstering efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. The tool features an online course, complete with learning materials on sustainable urban mobility and supportive video content.